Film addicts


Film is also very much at the heart of Temporada Alta, with pre-releases at the Cinema Truffaut in Girona, and a wide range of film projects complementing the Festival programme.

Short films at Temporada Alta

Temporada Alta short promotional videos have been awarded various prizes for audiovisual design and communication: The Grand Laus Award (L’incendi, 2018; The Pleasure Island, 2017) and the Laus d’Or Award (Tragèdia, el cant de la cabra, 2015).

This fact is symptomatic of the purpose which lies behind these works. They are not mere advertising spots, but artistic works with the hallmarks of their creators.

Film and the Performing arts

In spite of being predominantly a performing arts festival, film has been establishing its presence in recent years, with a section entirely of its own. At Temporada Alta we want to build new bridges of dialogue between the languages of the performing arts and film, and to put these disciplines in contact with each other through several initiatives, such as The One Project. The Film and the Performing Arts cycle is part of the Temporada Alta programme and aims to create a fusion between the two languages, by showing films which are related to the performing arts.

The One Project

Temporada Alta and Nanouk Films are the driving force behind The One Project, a project which brings together film and the performing arts.

The One Project nominates an artist from the world of the performing arts and poses them a challenge: to make a film (in many cases, for the first time). The project involves the making of a short film aimed at a wide audience, adapted to specific guidelines.


Temporada Alta 2019 is getting going, so note down the dates

Sales of tickets for the first three shows on the Temporada Alta 2019 programme begin today: HITS, a selection of the best gags performed by El Tricicle, El Petit Príncep, the musical of The Little Prince, and La tendresa, a hilarious co-production by T de Teatre and Dagoll Dagom. We’ll provide further information shortly, so we suggest you write down the following key

Temporada Alta Latin America 2019: 3 countries, 23 shows and 75 performances

The 7th Temporada Alta Latin America begins on 1 February with a packed schedule including 23 shows from 12 European and Latin American countries and more than 75 performances in the capital cities of Argentina, Uruguay and Peru.   Until 20 February the Festival will put on shows involving drama, contemporary and experimental dance, contemporary creation, circus and new dramaturgies, chiefly from Catalonia, Spain,

A total audience of 59,299 people with 94.4% occupancy at the performances

The 27th edition of the festival has come to an end, which offered 96 proposals, with a positive result both in terms of audience numbers as well as occupancy rates. Temporada Alta has reaffirmed itself as one of the great exhibitors of the performing arts world both at home and abroad. For years we have